Thursday, December 27, 2012

Newcomer's Online Reading List #4: Forward Into the Past

@2012 The Society for Creative Anachronism

"Forward Into the Past" is a 15-page, downloadable PDF document with a lot of useful information, including:
  • a detailed T-tunic pattern
  • a list of kingdom and local officers & their duties
  • Who is Who? - SCA ranks & titles
  • an introduction to heraldry
  • information on the arts and sciences in the SCA
  • information on combat

Because there is so much information, "Forward Into the Past" is great reading AFTER you've been to a few meetings, fighter practices or even your first event.  It will answer many of the questions you are beginning to ask, and give you ideas for further reading and research. It's also still short enough to print out and take with you to an event.

This is also an excellent resource for local groups to link to, because it is an informative, comprehensive resource.  If you are ever asked to teach a newcomers' welcome class, you could use "Forward Into the Past" as the outline or basis for your class.  If you don't know what to say to people at demos, familiarize yourself with the information in this pamphlet so that you can answer questions knowledgeably, accurately, and succinctly!

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