Sunday, December 23, 2012

Newcomer's Online Reading List #2

A Succinct and Helpful Introduction to the SCA:  "Advice to Newcomers

from the SCA Chateleine

This short introduction from Alys Katharine (Elise Fleming) contains excellent advice on how to become successfully involved in the SCA, a re-enactment group, or LARP group.  Instead of dealing with issues like clothing and titles, it will tell you how to successfully meet people, feel at home, and stay involved.

You can find the link again by going to the "Resources" tab on the page, and selecting "Newcomers Resources."  Scroll down to advice and click on "Advice to Newcomers."

 If you are already involved in the SCA, this is an excellent low-cost resource to print and give to prospective members, because you can print it on a single, double-sided sheet, with black (not colored) ink.

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