Sunday, April 7, 2013

Artistic Inspiration from opusanglicanum - weaving, garb and beautiful encampment!

This is one of the blogs I love to follow, because this amazing artisan is always working on something lovely; she posts frequently; she has a sense of humor; and she likes cats.  Her embroidery leaves me stunned and makes me think maybe I should get off the Internet and do something with my life.

I also enjoy seeing photos of her daily progress on historically inspired projects like embroidering Noah's Ark.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dig up a free magazine article from the Society for Medieval Archeology!

Sample articles from the 2006 online journal:

  • Investing in Sculpture: Power in Early-historic Scotland (pp 105-42) Meggen Gondek
  • An Early Anglo-Saxon Bridle-fitting from South Leckway, Forfar, Angus, Scotland (pp 249-60Tania M. Dickinson, Chris Fern and Mark A. Hall
  • Reflections on a '9th-century' Northumbrian Metalworking Tradition: A Silver Hoard from Poppleton, North Yorkshire (pp 143-64) Gabor Thomas
  • A Lead Model for a Late 5th- or Early 6th-century Sword-Pommel (pp 243-9) Barry Ager   

Many articles contain photographs as well as line drawings; this journal is an excellent scholarly source for use in A&S documentation.

Thanks to HE Eirny Thorvaldsdottir and Lord Martin de Gras for bringing this to my attention.  You both rock!