Saturday, January 26, 2013

Medieval MS Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia

Welcome Page from the Free Library of Philadelphia's digital manuscript collection

Sometimes I wish I lived on the East Coast, so I could visit collections like these in person.  However, even online, you will drool over this collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.

Within This Site

 "Manuscript Basics" is an informative introduction to the types of medieval manuscripts, and how they were created.  The Glossary section has detailed entries for a variety of important terms.  Both of these are great for new scribes!

The "Tour of Our Collections" allows you to view individual manuscripts, page by page, and zoom in on the details.   Inspiration for drop-dead gorgeous scrolls abounds.

Also contained within this site are links to online resources and a bibliography with suggestions for further reading.  Anyone working on documentation for A&S will truly appreciate this.

The link to the "Leaves of Gold" exhibit on this site is a dead link; however, you can still access the Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibit at:

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